Updated on May 26, 2021


Our Facebook page operates 24/7 and this is where you should place all orders and inquiries. We have a 100% response rate and usually, reply instantly from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and 1-2 hours during off-hours. If your message wasn’t attended within the said time to you may call in any of our channels listed below:

Messenger: m.me/MicronicsMarketing – for fastest inquiry
Landline: (075) 522-1688; (075) 522-8688

Wholesale / Technical inquiries
Globe: +63 995 935 6424

Smart: +63 963 333 1000

Retail/Walk-in inquiries
Sun: +63 932 603 9488

We also have shipping if you’re based outside Pangasinan. Kindly let us know where you’re located so we can arrange a schedule for you. It would be nice if you could share your mobile number so we can assist you better.


Kindly message us on Facebook for the price list link. We keep our price list up to date as much as possible. The corresponding dates are listed also.

If you are looking for an item that is not on our list, feel free to ask anytime. We can check if we can order it just for you. You may provide an exact brand and model for a faster quotation.

If a said item was recently sold out, we cannot provide information about when will it be restocked. You may leave a mobile number for us to inform you upon arrival.

We suggest that you like us on our FB page so you’ll be updated every time we post something.


Our physical store is located at 27 Perez Blvd., Dagupan City, Pangasinan.

Landmarks: Green bldg. Across the University of Luzon.
See street view here

If you opt for an on-the-day delivery service, you may book Unla La, EZman, etc. directly. All shipping fees must be shouldered by the client.

For door-to-door delivery services, we can ship items via JRS Express, LBC, Byaheros Express, etc.

Full payment before ship out.
All shipping fees must be shouldered by the client.


We accept cash for pick up orders. Other payment options are listed below:

Debit and credit cards via PayPal: Straight payments only (+7% PayPal Fee on top)

Cash installment via Home Credit – you must have a Home Credit account first and ready to scan a QR code. Processing time: 2-3 business days before the release of items.
Click here to find out information about Home Credit.


Important specifications and selling points are already provided in the description of the unit, but if you want to know more about the product date of release, features, and dimensions please refer to its manufacturing site.

Technical support inquiries will be warmly accepted but we are by no means expert on a particular brand and can only give general advice based on our experience but the customer shall take these advise at their own risk.

Tutorials and How-to’s on using Windows cannot be provided by our chat or phone support but Microsoft has provided dedicated contact centers to meet the customers’ needs.

For any technical specific question regarding the unit please call or email the manufacturer of the merchandise you are buying or bought for any technical support issues. Customers may get in touch with us to obtain manufacturer contact information if they are unable to find it. For product upgrade you may also refer to the manufacturers website but majority of the upgradable options is the memory and hard drive only, meaning the processor, motherboard, graphic card and screen is permanent.


We have a dedicated team to check every unit and need to pass strict quality compliance and accurate hardware tests and make sure every function and performance will be met prior to posting. However, Micronics Marketing is not responsible for manufacturing defects and we have no control over them. We simply obtain merchandise from distributors and check them as much as we could. The same principle applies when you buy from a local store like within malls. That said, you could however expect the after-sales support to be as hassle-free as possible when you buy from us. Details about the warranty are as follows:

We will only honor the warranty if the unit is proven to be defective and was not caused by an accident or end-users negligence.

Hardware incompatibility and software issues like viruses, corrupted OS, miscued settings, forgotten or lost passwords will not be catered since the manufacturer will also refuse such a request because it is clearly caused by the user. Nonetheless, we will help and provide assistance with you as much as we can since customers are also our partners.

If the unit is more than a month already and have encountered a problem that was identified to be irreparable by all means, you can still get in touch with us for support and we can provide service centers where you can bring and have your unit diagnosed.

MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY: If the unit is within or comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, you can directly coordinate with the manufacturer’s authorized service center for diagnosis and service, you won’t have to pay anything. Then again, they will not honor accidents, user negligence, improper usage, and end-user induced issues like hardware incompatibility and software issues like viruses, corrupted OS, miscued settings, forgotten or lost password.


Can Micronics Marketing guarantee that the product I buy is guaranteed to work with my system?

No, we carry for hundreds of products and there are infinite numbers of combinations possible. Our techs and support staff are very experienced but there is just no way for anyone to make that guarantee unless that combination has been thoroughly tested and validated by the manufacturer. It is for this reason that Micronics Marketing reps are specifically forbidden to make promises of compatibility and refer all questions about compatibility to the manufacturer. We can, however, offer general advice and “educated recommendation” based on experience and manufacturer specification or recommendation but the customer shall take this advice at their own risk.

Is it for Gaming? Is it equipped with a Graphics Card?

This is a tricky question because the answer is all yes, all laptops can run games and all laptops have graphic cards BUT acceptable gameplay differs from each other so here’s our advice:

1. Be educated, there are hundreds of graphics cards currently, and knowing their ranking is beneficial for choosing the right unit. Usually, top tier Graphic card comes with a price.

Reference: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Mobile…

2. Check the game’s requirements, they usually provide minimum or optimum PC requirements.

3. To see is to believe so we highly suggest checking the actual gameplay footage. Take note of the graphic card of the particular unit and search it on YouTube to see it in action.


We only have a 12-hour in advance verbal reservation policy for selected items, as our items sell out fast. Half-a-day matters. Let us know your order in advance.