Advance Reservation

  • Reserve a slot today and pay a half (50%) deposit amount.
  • An Advance Reservation is similar to a Pre Order. The main difference is that the manufacturer and/or distributor does not have an Estimated Time/Date of Arrival.

When will my pre-order printer arrive if I make a deposit today?

  • No Estimated Time/Date/Week of Arrival = no schedule on when it will arrive.
  • This is based on the information we received from our suppliers/manufacturers.
  • Please note that “Estimated Time Arrival” is an estimate and not guaranteed.

When should I pay for the deposit? 

  • Anytime! long as there are still open slots to fill
    You may deposit anytime. Please note that this is not a requirement, we are helping everyone the best we can, especially those who are willing to wait.

What if I can not wait anymore?
Is the deposit refundable?

  • Yes! Just give us a heads up if you opt for a refund due to a long time of wait. We understand if you need the printer already.

Can I Pre-Order without paying a deposit?

  • No problem! We may notify you upon arrival of available printers you would want to purchase, but no guaranteed slot.
  • It would be unfair for those who have settled a down payment to reserve a slot.

Will the Pre-Order price change?

  • The price of the item is based on the manufacturers’ official websites.
  • Subtle prices may change without prior notice.
  • On rare cases, you’ll be notified through a text message if there’s a huge difference and we’ll ask for your approval to push through with your order.

How would I know when my Pre-Ordered printer arrives?
Do I need to constantly check from your store if my order has arrived?

  • No need, we will send you a text message to the mobile number you gave upon placing an advance reservation once your printer arrives and is ready to be claimed.
  • If you wish to be notified via Facebook Messenger, kindly send us a copy of your down payment receipt/proof of payment on our Facebook Page so we can notify you from there instead.

Until when can I claim my arrived printer/s?

  • Pre-ordered printer/s must be claimed within 7 working days upon item arrival.
  • You may ask an authorized representative with an authorization letter with YOUR valid ID or hand the Collection Receipt to the authorized representative to claim your printer/s. Also, please inform us ahead.

Can you reserve an in-stock item for me?

  • Yes, we can. No added reservation fee.
  • We require a deposit of 25% of the SRP to reserve in-stock items.
  • Item reservation is good for 2-3 working days upon payment of the deposit depending on the item.
  • Deposit is deductible from the item price.
  • The item/s and any payments made towards the reserved in-stock item/s will be forfeited if the buyer is unable to settle the balance on or before the end of the 3-day reservation period.
  • Micronics Marketing reserves the right to dispose of the item/s if the buyer is unable to settle the balance at the end of the 3-day reservation period.

How can I claim my order/s?

  • We have several ways to claim an order:
    • Store pick up within store hours
      • Mondays to Saturdays
      • 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM with NOON BREAK (12PM – 1 PM)
    • Pick up at your preferred Victory Liner Station
    • Door-to-door shipping via Gogo Express, J&T Express, or LBC
    • Same-day delivery via Toktok/errand services – buyer should be the one to book directly to avoid confusion.
  • We keep our prices as low as we can, shipping fees must be shouldered by the buyer

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Cash
  • GCash, 7 Eleven, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Hello Money by AUB, GrabPay
  • Bank Fund Transfer: BDO, AUB
  • Credit Cards: — we do not have credit card terminal in-store, all via online only
    • UnionPay
    • PayPal (+4% PayPal Fee on top for MasterCard, Visa, or AmEx)
  • Home Credit Pay — You may apply for a certain amount of Home Credit – Cash Loan.
    • How much installment fee? only Home Credit has this answer as we do not have their pricing scheme.
    • It works like GCash Wallet, you need to load your Home Credit account via Cash Loan, and use it to scan our QR code to make a payment

Customers must agree to these guidelines before placing any advance payments.

Kindly fill out an order form below and send it to our messenger once ready to place a DP. Thanks!

Name in receipt:
Phone number:
Your area address: (Dagupan City, Bugallon, Labrador, etc)
Mode of Payment: (BDO Fund transfer, GCash, Cash)