Interwood 1800
18” Semi-Standard Manual Typewriter
@ 11,350 PHP

Shift Lock Key, TAB Setting, Backspace Function
Built-In Handle on the machine base for easy hand carrying
With a soft cloth cover to keep away from dust

44 Keys ( ENGLISH ): Elite Types
Carriage Length: 18.8″(445mm)
Max. Typing Width: 460mm
Max. Paper Width: 440mm
Line Space Selector: 1/1½/2/R (platen release)
Color Ribbon Selector: RED/STENCIL/BLACK
Impression Control: L=Light; H-Heavy
Left/Right Margin: Margin Setter
Packing: Each Unit/Carton
Net Weight: 5.9kgs
Gross Weight: 7.5kgs
Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 19 cm